About Us

CRAYON PHASE is a progressive rock band from the ruhr area and musically located somewhere between Neo Prog and New Art Rock, between epic and 13/8, between rock out and listening closely. The music reflects a wide range of sounds and atmospheres: sometimes melodic and playful, then back to hard rock, sometimes epic, sometimes dynamic, often complex and tricky, but also straightforward and intuitive.

CRAYON PHASE was formed in 2008 by Frank Wendel (vocals, keys). One year later he met Wolfgang Bähr (guitar, bass), followed by drummer Arne Gröschel and keyboard player Frank Brommer in the next years. In 2013 they released their debut album “Within my Recollection”. This year also saw the arrival of Peter Damm as the new bassist. In 2015 Frank Brommer left the band and was completely replaced by Frank Wendel. In addition to that Frank Wendel decided to focus only on keys so the band found Raphael Gazal, who did all the vocal recordings for their second album “Two Hundred Pages”. This album will be a concept album and will be released on October 10, 2019.

The band’s influences are based on classical as well as modern prog bands from Genesis and Yes over Marillion and Saga, up to Spock’s Beard and Porcupine Tree. Basically they want to part from the paragons, to sound less retro with more modern sounds by creating their own interpretation of the various elements of progressive rock.

All band members have many years of musical experience in numerous bands and projects and therefore are able to present their complex music both in studio and on stage. So give it a quick listen…

from left to right: Arne Gröschel, Frank Wendel, Wolfgang Bähr, Peter Damm