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10 Oct 2019

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Two Hundred Pages (2019)

  • Prologue (03:14)
  • Two hundred pages (11:39)
  • Turn of fortune (09:48)
  • Procession / Empty grave (10:01)
  • Paralyzed (09:23)
  • The music box (08:43)
  • Retrospective (12:21)
  • Salvation (08:52)
  • 201 (01:07)

Total Length: 1:15:10


„Do you have any idea what it’s like to take a man’s life? I mean really take his life …?“ "Two Hundred Pages" is the story of a man who wakes up every morning without knowing what happened the day before. He is not aware that he suffers from anterograde amnesia and tries to understand his situation which appears unexplainable to him. He finds himself being abused by a crime syndicate and gets involved in criminal activities over and over again, but with his diary he starts to find out - by going back in time - how he got into this desperate situation and can get out of it again…


"...I can highly recommend it to anyone with a love for 80's styled neo-progressive rock with a modern feel. Or to everyone with a preference to any of the bands referred to in this review..."
[Dutch Progressive Rock Page, Jan Buddenberg, 9/10 Points]

"Crafted by brilliant storytellers and talented musicians, “Two Hundred Pages” tells an engrossing tale of drama, crime, and mystery. Loaded with immersive atmospherics and a rare cohesion amongst musicians, Crayon Phase deliver an album that thrives on excellent instrumental personality and undeniable charisma."
[Sonic Perspectives, Samantha Buckman, 9/10 Points]

"...their second album is an impressive and crafted beast"
[Sea of Tranquility, Steven Rei]

"Crayon Phase does not renew the neo-prog but intelligently knows how to use its codes to produce a dynamic opus"
[Musicwaves, 4/5 Points]

"...gut gemachten, rockigen Neoprog à la IQ, Sylvan oder Amon Ra steht, liegt bei Crayon Phase genau richtig. Starkes Teil!"
[Empire Music, Martin Dambeck]

"...Cet excellent concept-album s’écoute d’une seule traite, histoire de profiter de chaque instant, de chaque note ou de chaque variation d’ambiance ou de tempo le tout proposant à l’amateur de grand progressif."
[Music in Belgium, Philippe Thirionet]

"...excellent all round musicianship and something which I imagine would make a superb live concept. Fans of epic neo-prog will love it."
[Background Magazin, Andrew Cottrell]

"...sofort auf ganzer Linie mit ihrem Neo-Prog, der zeitweise durch Metalelemente verziert wurde, überzeugt. Vor allem der neue Sänger macht eine ausgesprochen gute Figur."
[Musikzirkus-Magazin, Stephan Schelle]

"...the album is consistent and has no weak points. The music is a blend of melodic Progressive Metal and Neo-Prog..."
[Prog Visions, Douwe Fledderus, 4/5 Points]

"...wird der Genre-Fan den Namen Crayon Phase auf dem Zettel haben..."
[Betreutes Proggen, Juergen Meurer, 11/15 Points]

…hier vereinen sich Neo-Prog und Prog-Metal à la Ayreon auf’s Beste. Hymnisches, Verstörendes, Bombast, melancholische E-Piano-Einsprengsel... ein toll vertontes Kopfkino!"
[MusicHeadQuarter, Alexander Moell, 8/9 Points]

"... "Two Hundred Pages" contient tout ce qu'il faut pour satisfaire grandement l’amateur de musique en vous. L’album n’est jamais banal, il y a toujours cette petite touche supplémentaire que nous aimons tous."
[La radio progressive de Québec, 8.5/10 Points]

"... siebzigminütiges Konzeptalbum mit grossartigen Songs, unglaublichen Melodien und einem Sänger, der den Namen redlich verdient... tolle Scheibe."
[Metalglory, Olli Prien]

"...Neo Prog geboten und der macht auf jeden Fall Spaß."
[FFM-Rock, Andreas Stephan, 8/10 Points]

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